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running quiz!

Janae posted this on her site last week and I thought I would spread it around too! Tell me one, two, three (ALL!) of your answers 🙂 Mine are in green.

1.  On average how many races do you run a year? Only about 4 nowIMG_0169

2.  Head accessories, things you have to run with:  a hat, a visor, sunglasses, chapstick, sunscreen, head band, ponytail, braids, sweat band?   always a ponytail and sunscreen. sometimes a head band sunglasses or hat.                                                                 

yes....those are jazz hands.

yes….those are jazz hands.

3.  Where do your workouts come from?  A training plan, a coach, whatever you feel like doing that day or what your training partner is doing that day? sometimes whatever I feel like. I loosely follow training plans when training for bigger races.    

4.  How many miles on average do you put on a pair of shoes? no idea actually! They usually last about 3-4 months per pair.708

5.  Cell phone=  do you bring it with you on your run or leave it at home? It’s almost always on my arm! I listen to Pandora when I run 🙂

6.  What was your last running related injury or have you been an injury free runner? I had an ankle thing going on a few weeks ago…hoping that doesn’t come back!

7.  Is your current running goal about running a farther distance (adding more mileage) or getting faster or BOTH?!? BOTH! My next race in Leadville is my goal – I just want to finish…it’s going to be a rough one!

8.  Speedwork—->  at the track, on the treadmill, on the roads or never do it? never do it. haha

9.  Stretching after a run:  hit the ground after a run and get stretching, stretch in the shower, stretch once you get to work/school, skip the stretching? stretch a little bit, but definitely should do more!

10.  What was your reason(S) for starting to run?  I actually don’t remember…it just felt right 🙂221

Tell me your answers!