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February Goals Revisited

I will get to my goals in a minute, but I want to show you my adorable nephew, Blake on his first snowboard outing!!!                                                              IMG_2396[1]

It’s the last day of February…crazy right? So, I thought I would check in and see how this months goals went.  Let’s take a look!

1. Get together with 2 Kims – unfortunately crazy schedules just made this impossible! But, I will definitely be rolling it over to March’s goals.

2. 4 minute plank – man this was tough! But proud of myself for actually getting there                                                                                                                  IMG_2397[1]

3. sign up for the Leadville Heavy Half Marathon – DONE…..holy crap….It’s 4 months away, but I am already freaking out. I better get my butt running on some high altitude trails. Just incase you thought I was kidding, here’s the elevation chart                                                                           

…and keep in mind that it’s a 15.4 mile race….AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

4. run at least 3 times each week. – once I got past that flu and fell into a work routine, I have been able to become an evening runner (this was not easy!! I love my morning runs!)

5. Write 1-2 new articles. couldn’t quite get the motivation to pull this one off…but I think I will roll it over to March as well. I do want to get the writing going again and I definitely need the money…that is until I find out how to plant one of these 😉                                                                    

Do you make monthly goals? How did you do with yours this month?