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February Goals

Who’s happy it’s Friday??

I was feeling a bit better yesterday and decided I would go for a run after work, however when I got home this nonsense was blocking the entry way to my garage! Grrrrrrrrrrrr……….                                                                                                                             IMG_2300[1]

It was just a false alarm and once they moved, I managed to get in an easy 4.5 miles!                                                                                                                    IMG_2301[1]

Dinner was an Asian rice and vegetable medley to which I added some cod marinated in soy sauce – Delicious!                                                                                IMG_2302[1]


And since we had tons of candy/snacks left over from our 100th day of school celebration, I came home with this monstrous 41 ounce bag of skittles! Dessert 🙂IMG_2303[1]

Alright, we are a whole week into February, so it’s about time I get the Goals out there! You will notice that some carried over from last month and have been a bit modified, but there are also some new ones!

1. Get together with 2 Kims (I actually have two friends from high school named Kim that live out here). Literally have not seen either of them in 14 years!!

2. 4 minute plank (5 minutes seems a little daunting to me right now, but 4 may be more attainable…then I can work up!)                                                      

3. sign up for the Leadville Heavy Half Marathon…this race terrifies me.      

4. run at least 3 times each week. I have been having trouble fitting in running with my new work schedule and that makes me very unhappy 😦 Need to figure out how to fit it in!

5. Write 1-2 new articles. I haven’t been writing much since I started teaching and I would like to get some done!                                                                         

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 

What new goals do you have for yourself this month?