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last weekend of freedom

I am back at work today….ahhhhh….I cannot believe the summer is over. Super sad, but I still have 3 weeks of training/prep before the kids come, so I am easing into it. IMG_0655[1]

We made super last minute plans over the weekend and headed to the mountains on Saturday morning. We didn’t get there until about noon, but had a 14 mile run around the lake planned. It was really hot, then rainy, super hilly…and at 10,000 feet elevation, it was a serious push. Not to mention the unknown injury situation that has popped into my life recently. This run was not fun.  IMG_0650[1] IMG_0653[1]

Every step was pretty painful and I probably shouldn’t have run at all, but I will tell you more about that later!IMG_0651[1] IMG_0652[1]

After running, we checked into our hotel, took an ice bath and then walked to downtown Frisco to meet up with our friends for drinks & dinner. We went to a really cute Italian place where we shared a meat and cheese plate. I also had a delicioso Rocky Mountain Trout. IMG_0656[1] IMG_0657[1]

After dinner we walked to a divey bar to play some pool….I lost….badly….haha.IMG_0658[1] IMG_0659[1]

Sunday morning, Joe and I had planned on climbing, but I could barely put weight on my right leg without being in extreme pain 😦 So, we canceled those plans, grabbed some breakfast and headed back to Denver. IMG_0661[1] IMG_0662[1]

The rest of the day was spent being pretty lazy and catching up on odds and ends around the house.

How was your weekend?