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WIAW + Workouts #26

First What I Ate Wednesday of 2013! Woohoo!!

Peas and Crayons

I thought I would do something a little different and show you guys a typical day of eats when Joe and I are on the mountain. We bring food with us since it tends to be so expensive at the resorts, and we like to eat frequent small and energizing snacks. Here’s a look at What I ate last Saturday 🙂

Breakfast is usually a protein smoothie and a banana pb&j on whole wheat on the way to the mountain, but this time I went with an Iced Gingerbread flavored Cliff Bar- best flavor ever!


After a couple hours of riding, we stop for a snack. This time it was peanuts, pretzels, and apple sauce.                                                                          IMG_2077[1]

When we stop, I usually have something waiting in the car to snack on til we get a restaurant, but forgot this time! It was ok since we were just walking into Breckenridge Village to grab a pint/food. We both got an IPA and split the artichoke dip. I love that it came with vegetables and pretzel rolls! YUM!      IMG_2080[1]

After another beer, we headed back to Denver and grabbed dinner at Highland Tap and Burger. Veggie burger with arugula, blue cheese, and roma tomatoes on a wheat roll for me (I ate 1/2 and took the other 1/2 home).                                IMG_2085[1]

After a shower and lazy time on the couch, ate a few Russian Teacake cookies that my mom and I baked together while she was visiting.                              IMG_2115[1]

And that’s about it! I think we work pretty hard and burn a ton of calories while we’re snowboarding because I am usually ravenous all day!!


  • Sunday – 10 mile snowshoe
  • Monday – 5 mile run + Tribesports leg, chest & core
  • Tuesday – rest
  • Wednesday – 9 mile run
  • Thursday – yoga
  • Friday – 4 mile run +yoga
  • Saturday – snowboarding

Do you have any new fitness challenges you are working on for the new year?