Steamboat Weekend

I don’t know if you have all been watching the news/weather, but the Colorado Rockies have been getting SLAMMED with snow!

Image result for snow storm colorado

We had some friends coming in for the weekend and had made plans to take them to Steamboat for a couple months. The massive amounts of snow made it even more exciting for everyone!


Since they got into Denver late on Friday, we didn’t arrive in Steamboat until about 1am…it was a long day of travel for them, so we were all ready for bed by the time we got there.


Saturday started with heading straight to the ski resort. It was beautiful out and we spent a long day shredding in the powder!

After some soaking in the hot tub, we headed into town for dinner.


Sunday we were up early and back on the slopes for the morning.


Then it was off to some snowmobiling adventures! We went out for over 2 hours and it was just the four of us, so we definitely got to play around a lot more than they normally allow.



The views were just ok….;)


Monday we all had off work in honor of martin Luther King Jr. Day, so we didn’t have to leave “the boat” until the afternoon. We got packed up and left the condo to head to breakfast at Freshies.

The giant Cinny…enough said.


After breakfast we did a little shopping in town before driving back to Strawberry Hot Springs.


Have you ever seen somewhere so magical??

To top it all off, we saw a TON of animals on the drive home. Say hello to our new moose friend!


It was such an awesome weekend with incredible friends!!

How was your weekend? 

2 responses to “Steamboat Weekend

  1. What beautiful photos! Have a great weekend!!

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