Wildlife abounds!

Hello friends! Long time no talk! Joe and I were crazy busy through the holidays, but we are back to normal now and enjoying the winter here in CO!


last weekend was full of snowy fun. Saturday was a cold day, but we layered up and headed to Beaver Creek for the day. It was beautiful for most of the day and we spent a TON of time on the slopes.


Sunday we drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park with plans to ride in an area we’ve been to before called Banana Bowl, but when we got to the park there were such high winds and snow drifts that they closed all of the areas we could have sowboarded in. 😦

We spoke with a ranger who told us the most we would get to do was tour around on the opposite side of the park, so that’s where we headed. Even though we didn’t get to ride, we did explore a new area and spent about 2.5 hours touring around.



Here is the coolest part of the day…we saw so much wildlife! They were definitely out and about! Check out some of the furry friends we made!


How was your weekend?

Anyone else enjoy the snow?

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