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Chicago Ridge

Happy Monday everyone! I don’t know about all of you, but Joe and I had a BIG weekend and I am exhausted this Monday – haha.

We decided to spend our weekend in the backcountry, so Friday night we packed everything up and set the alarm for super early on Saturday morning.

Chicago Ridge is an area Joe and I have been to once last season, but we really wanted to explore it a little bit more. It’s near a small ski resort called Ski Cooper in Leadville. This makes it pretty convenient because we can use their parking lot and then start skinning up from there.


Saturday was absolutely beautiful. Blue skies and perfect temperature. We had a little cloud cover at one point, but it passed quickly. The only downfall was the REALLY strong winds once we were up on top of the ridge.


It’s about a 4 mile skin up to the top and a really fun ride down. We did a couple laps in the bowl since we were feeling good and snow conditions were much better than we expected.


We got back to the car around 3pm and headed into Leadville to check into our hotel and grab a bite to eat.

We started with a couple beers at a new brewery we have wanted to check out. It’s in a super cute house and has a great vibe, but unfortunately they were all out of almost every beer we wanted to try.


For dinner we went to a place we’ve been before, Tennessee Pass Cafe. They always have great food in a super cool atmosphere.


Plus, there hot sauce it pretty phenomenal….we took a bottle to go 🙂


Sunday we were up and back to Chicago Ridge for a second day of riding. It was so warm out, we didn’t even need gloves or hats for most of the skin up. Unfortunately the winds and sun created not so favorable conditions in the snow, so we just did one big run down.


Traffic was a nightmare getting back to Denver, so we got home much later than expected and basically fell right to sleep! Another awesome backcountry weekend in the books!

How was your weekend? Anyone play in the snow?