A surprise engagement party in Vail

Yes you read that correctly…obviously I’m already married, but my best friend got engaged a couple weeks ago and it was quite the event.

Her fiance had been planning this for a long time and let me tell ya – that was not an easy secret to keep! He was planning to propose while on a hike and have a small group of their closest friends waiting at the hotel they were staying at in Vail.

Joe and I headed up on Friday night and got a really great camping spot right on the river. We got there after dark so it was tough to see, but the next morning we woke up to this gorgeous fall backdrop.

We packed up camp, went for a short run….

…and then headed to the hotel to meet everyone else and take a quick shower. Then…it was time to wait.


Before we knew it, our (newly engaged) friends were calling each of us individually to tell us the good news! They had no idea we were all sitting in the same room!

Pretty soon, they walked in the door and we all jumped out with champagne and cupcakes. She was BEYOND shocked! SO much fun 🙂

It was a beautiful day, so we all moved the party out to the pool for a couple hours.



Then, we got ready and headed to the Four Seasons for a delicious dinner at Flame.flame

It was such a fun night celebrating two very special people…can’t wait for the wedding!

Have you ever been to a surprise engagement?

Any good engagement stories out there?

3 responses to “A surprise engagement party in Vail

  1. Freaking gorgeous views! Congrats to your friend!

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