Monthly Archives: October 2016

The Great Leak

This is what I have starting calling the most recent and unfortunate situation Joe and I are experiencing….Let me back up and take you through it.

About 3 weeks ago, we noticed that the bottom drawer in our refrigerator was filling with water…not a major crisis, but clearly there was a leak somewhere that we needed to get fixed. We immediately called the fridge company (which I will not name at this time) to come check it out.

They promptly sent a repair man who determined we needed a new “tray” of some kind, which he quickly replaced, declared it “all set” and went on his way. We didn’t notice anymore water leaking over the last few weeks, so we were all pleased.

Then, on Monday morning, I headed into our office (located under the kitchen) to get some shoes from the closet and head to work. When I opened the door, I slid across the floor in about 2 inches of water. When I looked up, the ceiling was pouring down water.



I freaked out, yelled for Joe and started moving everything out of the room. We shut off the water and called an emergency plummer. He cut a hole in our ceiling and determined that all the pipes were fine….interesting.


We told him about the fridge leaking weeks ago, so he went to take a look. The second we moved the fridge out from the wall, water started streaming out from underneath. Apparently this water had been leaking and going into the wall and beneath the floor and we had no idea until it completely destroyed everything.


A restoration crew came out and started the drying out process. They have been back each day this week to check the damage. Our ceiling and floor in the office is completely destroyed, so they ripped up all the beautiful bamboo and cut a bigger hole in the ceiling.



The day after that they determined the floor and baseboards on the second floor were not salvageable either started to tear them up as well.


There is so much damage, I can’t even wrap my head around it…this is the first home we have ever owned and we haven’t even hit the one year anniversary yet….I can’t even explain how sad I am to see it being ripped apart….

Our insurance company has been great and they are hopeful that we can re-coup our deductible from the fridge company. Right now, we are just living in a giant mess trying to figure out how much of our stuff was destroyed as well.

It has not been a good week.