Whistling Elk Ranch

This year for Joe’s birthday, I decided to surprise him with something a little different. I found Whistling Elk Ranch through random google searching.


It’s about a 3 hour drive from Denver, so we set off right after work last Friday afternoon. I rented us the Bitner Cabin, which is extremely rustic, but definitely the most budget friendly.


It was freezing that night, so we were up early when our fire went out to start a new one and get some coffee brewing.

We also had a 10am trail ride to get to…thanks Butch and Miguel for being great hosts πŸ™‚


The views weren’t too shabby either….

After our trail ride, we went back to our cabin to change and pack a lunch for our picnic hike. Hiking with wine = always a good idea.


When we returned from our hike, we took a soak in the hot tub and then walked the ranch grounds.


Eventually we got around to making dinner back in our cabin and playing some cards until bed.


Sunday morning we slept in and then packed up while drinking coffee. We had to head back to Denver a bit earlier since Joe had a flight to London to catch.


It was such a fun weekend and a great way to celebrate Joe’s birthday!!

4 responses to “Whistling Elk Ranch

  1. Hiking with wine sounds like absolute perfection! What a fun trip!

  2. So adventurous I love it!

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