Gore Lake

Hello there! This past weekend Joe and I set off on a backpacking trip now that our ankles were feeling up to a strenuous hike carrying a solid amount of weight.

Our goal was to find an alpine lake to hike to and spend the weekend. We did a bit of research and found the Gore Creek Trail which leads to Gore Lake. It’s located right outside Vail and super easy to find.

We spent Friday night camping in Frisco so we could get an early start hiking in on Saturday.

After breakfast and repacking all of our gear, it was actually 11:30 before we hit the trail. Still, the hike was 6.2 miles and Joe and I were expecting it to only take about 3 1/2 to 4 hours max.



The first 4 miles were great – some steep sections, but nice and shady and beautiful scenery right along a creek.


The last 2.2 miles were brutal….super steep and relentless….we definitely hadn’t anticipated that and it took us close to 5 hours before we arrived at the lake.


However….sooooo worth the hike. Absolutely stunning and peaceful at just shy of 12,000 feet.


Once we got there, the sky started to look a little sketchy, so we set up camp as quickly as possible and just in the nick of time as a thunderstorm rolled through.


When the storm passed, we made some dinner and then another storm came in….it was about 7:30pm by this time, so we quickly found a place to store the Bear Keg and then spent the rest of the night in the tent playing cards.

The next morning we woke up to more rain, so waited it out until it passed and then made some breakfast and explored the area. There were signs of mountain goats everywhere and we saw one way up on the rocks, but none of them came down to say hello.

More bad weather started to roll in and Joe and I were getting a little tired of being wet and cold, so we made the decision to pack up camp and head on out.



The trek out only took us 3 hours – it’s a lot quicker when you’re going downhill. haha.


We found a spot to camp for the night at lower elevation and a little better weather. Then, we hit the road back to Denver on Monday morning.

What did you do over the weekend?


2 responses to “Gore Lake

  1. Beautiful views! Glad to hear you both are doing better!!!

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