Monthly Archives: September 2016

Ankle update! I’m running again!

It’s been roughly 8  weeks since I rolled my ankle running Mt. Bierstadt and I have been extremely gentle with it ever since. Just a reminder of what happened…

I stayed off of it completely for almost a month, but then was able to start incorporating some cross training. I have always tried to do a good deal of cross training while I am training for races, but I was going to have to be extra careful about what I chose to do with a still injured ankle.

I did a little research and used this article as a guide. I also checked out what fitness programs were fun and trending this year. In addition to some elliptical and stair machine, I was able to do a spinning class and get in the pool to swim laps about once a week each. It took a little more time for my ankle, but pretty soon I was able to start some strengthening exercises to break up some scar tissue and get my ankle back in shape.

Image result for swimming pic

And…the last two weeks I have been able to start running again. I’ve only worked up to 2 miles at this point and definitely at a slower pace, but it’s progress and it feels so good to be back in action!


I’m already starting to look forward to some marathons in the spring and for now I am just going to keep working the mileage up!