Monthly Archives: August 2016

Winter Park & Vasquez Ridge

Happy Wednesday! I’ve had to take a little break while I’ve started back at work for the school year. I have a new job this year at my school as Special Education Director, so work has been busy busy busy!

I am also starting to rehab my poor ligament torn ankle back to health with swimming and biking….I am just about ready to try a little running again!

Joe and I have been up to our usual shenanegans lately with enjoying all that the Colorado wilderness has to offer in the summer.


Two weeks ago we randomly decided to camp on Vasquez near Winter Park. It was beautiful, but there were definitely more people in the area than we anticipated.


Turns out there was an epic bluegrass festival happening and it was totally free! Saturday morning we changed our plans and decided to stay an extra day and night.


Two of our favorite bands were playing and we couldn’t pass up a free show!


We had planned on doing some hiking as well, but all of the dancing and walking around town left us both with a sore ankle (our injuries are on opposite feet…adorable, right? haha). So, Sunday morning we headed back to Denver.

Since work is in full swing, my posts may be a bit spaced out, but I am still here! Stop by and visit!