Jones Pass and Lovers Leap

A couple weekends ago Joe and I tried a new dispersed camping spot not too far outside of Denver. Jones Pass is about 90 miles west and super easy to find. Once you hit the trailhead, you can keep driving up a 4-wheel road and find all kinds of beautiful camping spots….

We settled here around 12,000 feet…the views did not suck 😉


We did some hiking in the area on Saturday and since the fire bans are still in effect here in CO, we cooked our dinner the old fashioned way instead of in front of a fire.


On Sunday we headed to Golden to check out a new-to-us climbing area we read about off Lookout Mountain.

We learned that this spot is VERY hidden and a little tough to find…4 mile hike later, we managed to find it. We were pretty tired to spend too much time climbing, but we will absolutely be back in the future (once the ankle is back to normal!)

Do  you like to backpack/camp?

One response to “Jones Pass and Lovers Leap

  1. Um I really need to make a visit to Colorado happen so I can come meet you and run there!!

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