Mt. Bierstadt

Hiking a 14-er (a mountain over 14,000 feet) is a pretty big deal and a super popular thing to do in the summer here in Colorado. Well, my trail running friend, Devin and I decided that this would be the summer we would run one!

We picked Mt. Bierstadt because it’s only about an hour and a half outside of Denver and at just over 7 miles round trip, it would make for a nice little run mileage wise.

We got on the road early as storms were forecasted to move in around noon. The first couple miles were AWESOME…so pretty and not too much elevation gain.

Then, we started to climb and climb….and climb. Just before the summit, the terrain becomes more of a scramble over rocks and large boulders. But, we made it up in about an hour and a half, which is pretty good!

On the way down, we had to be pretty careful because there were a ton of loose rocks and dirt and the trail was pretty steep. About halfway down, my left foot slid along the dirt and then my ankle rolled and I went down…HARD.

My entire right leg was scraped and bleeding and my left ankle immediately started to swell…we were still about 1.5 miles from the car too…not an ideal situation.

Devin had some Ibuprofen, so I immediately took that and tried to see if I could walk. I managed to walk/hike/limp out the last 1.5 miles and even stopped at a stream to ice for a little bit.


The rest of the day was spent icing, wrapping, and elevating…just trying to stay off it as much as possible.


The next morning I woke up to even more swelling and bruising 😦 I finally decided to go get an X-ray and make sure nothing was fractured…


And…it wasn’t!! I did however tear the ligaments around the fibula and it’s going to take some time to heal. It’s good news, but still not great. I’m going to be off running for a bit and off the trails for even longer. This bums me out the most because fall trail running in CO is kind of amazing.


I can guarantee you the second my foot fits in a climbing shoe and I am cleared to scale some rocks, I will be sending lines 🙂

I will leave you with an IG post from my favorite hydration peeps:nuun

Have you taken a bad trail running fall?

How do you deal with the emotions during an injury?


2 responses to “Mt. Bierstadt

  1. I have definitely fallen on the trail! Many times in 7 years…now I actually enjoy going a lot slower and taking it easy! It’s amazing the difference between trail and road running. Totally different mentality!! And one that I enjoy. Anyway, I hope you heal soon!! I’m so sorry to hear this happened!

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