Ankle roll & Colfax Marathon

This was been one busy weekend! Joe and I carb loaded on Friday night to prepare for  nice long trail run on Saturday morning.


We headed out to Mesa Trail in Boulder planning to do 16 miles.

Unfortunately, 5 miles in, Joe rolled his ankle so badly we had to cut it short and limp him out. It continued to swell and look worse as the day went on.

On Saturday night, we realized he was not going to be able to run in the Colfax Marathon Relay, so I planned on running both of our legs.

Joe was scheduled to start the race, so we were up at 4am to get ready and to the 6am start line. The weather was perfect for running; 50 and cloudy (basically my favorite).


The first leg was a really good one, slightly downhill for most of it. And, we got to run through a fire station and through Mile High Stadium where the Broncos play.

It was 6.4 miles and I stayed between a 7:30 and 7:45 pace the whole time. Then I handed off the baton to our next runner and headed home to rest for a couple hours before heading back for the finishing leg.

The finishing leg was much less fun…basically all up hill and I was really wiped! I think the two hours of downtime in between killed me. It was another 6.1 miles and I kept it around 8:15/8:30, bringing the days run to 12.5 miles.

Joe’s ankle is still not doing too well, we are taking good care of it, but fingers crossed it’s not something more serious…we have a lot of big things coming up!

How was your weekend?

4 responses to “Ankle roll & Colfax Marathon

  1. Oh the fun things that happen while trail running!! (I say that sarcastically.) I hope Joe’s ankle heals up quickly!! You guys are such an active dynamic duo!! You need your sidekick for all of your crazy adventures!! 🙂 🙂

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