Running update

Happy Friday everyone! We are almost to the weekend! I mentioned in my last post that Joe and I are still running a ton and training for a couple of exciting races this spring.

The first is actually happening this Sunday! It’s not a big one, but it is a fun relay we are doing with people Joe works with. Joe and I both have the two longest legs (6ish miles) and I get the last one, so I get to cross the finish line 🙂

The second is another Ragnar Trail Relay with a good group of friends. This will be our third one. We did two last year, one in Zion National Park in Utah (see below).



The second one was in Angel Fire, New Mexico.


Both were incredible experiences and both so very different. The next one will be in Snowmass (Aspen), Colorado on June 3rd! Getting really close!

A couple weeks after that, we are running the Leadville Trail Marathon. It’s definitely a toughie at really high elevation.

Training took a slow start because Joe was injured and we have had a lot going on, but we are in the full swing of things now!

I will give you all a recap on Monday of the training and racing this weekend!

Ever done a Ragnar?

Anyone else racing this weekend?



4 responses to “Running update

  1. All of these races sound and look amazing!! I did a trail run a few weeks ago and would be interested in trying more! Good luck 🙂

  2. My next race is the Rock n Roll San Diego Marathon! Have a great Ragnar!

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