I realized I never posted any official pictures from our wedding, but now is the perfect time to do so as Joe and I leave today for our HONEYMOON!


We got married in March, but since I’m a teacher, we had to wait until I was done with both work-school and Grad-school.  Here’s a whole bunch more pictures to kind of take you through the day!


We fly into Calgary today and are driving over to Banff for a few days, then a few different places in British Columbia and back to Calgary at the end…I am so excited and can’t wait to just relax for a couple weeks 🙂

See you later!!!!

5 responses to “HONEYMOON TIME!!

  1. This is beyond beautiful! I adore the boots 🙂

  2. HAVE AN AMAZING TIME!! And holy cow your wedding was so gorgeous. Love the pics and especially your dress.

  3. Everything is SO beautiful! Colorado would be a wonderful place to get married. Have an awesome honeymoon!

  4. Your dress was absolutely stunning! Hope you guys have a wonderful time!

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