Birthday weekend off the grid

Another year in the books…34 is kinda feeling a lot older than 33 at the moment, but let’s hope that passes soon 🙂

It had been way too long since Joe and I had been to our favorite hidden camping spot in the mountains, so we packed the car on Friday and headed out!


The weather was a little dicey (a lot of rain expected), but we took a chance anyway. Turns out, we didn’t have any issues with rain while camping, but we got rained out of climbing on Saturday.


Sunday was beautiful though and we were able to get a couple good hours in! climbview

It was a super low key, but perfect birthday weekend and it felt great to be back in the woods again 🙂


Joe even improvised when we got back home with a birthday dessert – haha.


What do you like to do for your Birthday?

3 responses to “Birthday weekend off the grid

  1. haha love the birthday dessert!!

  2. What a fun birthday! 34, here we come!

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