Ragnar Trail Zion Recap

Hello there! Sorry it’s taken a while to get this recap up – work has been crazy since we got back from Utah.

Joe and I had an absolute blast with the rest of our team in Zion.  We left right after work on Thursday and did half the drive stopping to camp in Moab for the night.

On Friday morning we did the rest of the drive and met up with our team in the runners village.


The weather was beautiful and sunny when we got there but there was rain in the forecast. Last year it was freezing and snowy for this race and they had to call it off, so we didn’t know what to expect!


Our team (Worst Pace Scenario) sent the first runner out at 2:40 and it just got cloudier and darker from there until it was a downpour, then hail…then sleet. Not pleasant.


But, we kept on running! I had the first leg after the sun went down, leaving around 9pm and it was getting mighty slippery in all the mud. It was only a 3.2 mile run, but the trail had A LOT of steep climbs and it was quite a mess with all the rain and mud.


I managed to come out alive and handed off our bib to our next runner. Weather went pretty badly after that and at around 2am, they actually had to put a hold on it until the trails were safe enough to run on again.


They opened things up again around 6am, but also said we could turn in our bibs and get our medals if we chose to do so. Most of our team was still asleep, but Joe and I decided to go run our last leg together.


The trail was a complete mess and we fell several times, but the views were awesome and it was totally worth the night of freezing cold precipitation.


We had intended to all camp on Saturday night too, but everyone packed up and left because of the weather.  Joe and I headed back to Moab to check things out there 🙂

All in all it was such an incredible race and our team is already planning to do another one soon!!


Have you ever done a Ragnar Trail race??

2 responses to “Ragnar Trail Zion Recap

  1. Girl trail running is no joke! But it sounds like you got to do it with some kick ass people so that makes it all the better. Awesome job!!

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