Monthly Archives: April 2015

Ragnar Trail Zion here we come!

Hello friends! One last day of work today and then it’s off to Utah! Most of our team is arriving there today, but Joe and I couldn’t get out of work, so we will be doing half of the drive tonight and the other half tomorrow morning.

I am so excited/nervous!!! I think my IT and knee will hold up ok, but I have never run a trail race at night, so that is going to be quite a new experience.

Here are the legs I am scheduled to run (the times are estimates and will shift depending on when the rest of my team comes in to hand off to the next runner:

leg 1: 3.2 miles   – 5:30pm

leg 2: 7.8 miles  – 2:00am

leg 3: 3.9 miles  – 8:30am

I am hoping I will be able to get some sleep between each of my legs, but napping is not my strong suit and I feel like I may be way too excited anyway 🙂

Long drive ahead – wish us luck!