Monthly Archives: March 2015

Let’s get hitched!!!!

Good Thursday morning to you all! We are currently on the long drive to our wedding destination!


Many of our guests are flying into Durango today and some will join us tomorrow at the actual locale. It’s a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort, so we are lucky enough to spend almost 3 whole days with all of our wedding guests!

My mom got into Denver on Tuesday night to help with last minute things and do the drive with us. She has been super helpful!

A pedicure was on the books (manicure to be done later today with my mom and sister).  A little something blue 😉toes

We are spending a week “mini-mooning” doing lots of snowboarding Telluride, so I probably won’t check in for a while, but the next time I do, I will be a married woman!

Can’t wait to share all the excitement with you all!!Image result for wedding