Big weekend!

Happy Tuesday! Did you have yesterday off of work/school? I did and it was such a nice bonus day 🙂

Joe and I definitely made the most of our weekend, starting on Saturday with the purchase of a new car! My car was pretty old and had about 240,000 miles, so it was definitely time for an upgrade. We’ve been looking at 2012 Jeep Liberty’s (the last year they made them) and finally found one with low miles that seemed perfect! We went to the dealership when I got out of class and brought it home!

Our Valentine’s celebration consisted of movies on the couch and naan pizzas…perfect.


Sunday morning we met up with out friend Mike and headed into the backcountry to do some snowboarding. The avalanche conditions looked good and we tried a new place off of Cameron Pass.DSCN0928DSCN0930

We also saw a moose on the way in!DSCN0916

Monday was spent doing our 10 mile run and getting some wedding stuff done. We had 10 miles on the calender…close enough. haha

Followed by an ahi tuna sandwich – yum! 

Short work week here and then I am off to Michigan for the weekend to pick up my dress! Woot woot!

How was your weekend? Go anywhere/do anything exciting?            

2 responses to “Big weekend!

  1. Naan pizza with asparagus?!! You are a genius!!

    Love the new ride!!

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