Spring Races

Joe and I have both signed up for a couple big races this spring.  We are finally doing a Ragnar, which I have wanted to do for so long now!

This one is a trail Ragnar in Zion National Park in Utah!! We have a team of 6 and we each run a total of 20 miles over the course of 2 days. We will be heading out there the last weekend in April 🙂

Then, because I am apparently not good with calendars, I signed both Joe and I up (it was his Christmas present from me- haha) for the Colorado Marathon the weekend right after Ragnar.

It’s a beautiful course and the majority of it is at a slight downhill. These will be my first races as a married lady 😉

What’s on your spring race schedule?

2 responses to “Spring Races

  1. A RAGNAR in Zion?? I ran the utah RAGNAR five years in a row and loved it! But I’m looking to try out a trail race so I can’t wait to hear about ut. For now, I’m set on Central Park and Manhattan based courses 🙂

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