Monthly Archives: November 2014

crazy Saturday, lazy Sunday

Happy Monday! I am really looking forward to the short 2 day work week – do you get extra days off for the Thanksgiving holiday?

Joe was in London all last week for work, so we used the weekend to spend time together and catch up!

Saturday started with a 5 mile trail run. That’s actually the first trail run and the longest run we’ve done post marathon….felt sooo good!IMG_3661[1]

After grabbing a quick lunch and running some errands, we headed to the soft opening block party of a new climbing gym in our neighborhood.IMG_3663[1]

The place was amazing and I can’t wait to go back when it’s actually open for climbing!IMG_3662[1]

After the opening, we headed home to shower and then walked downtown to grab a drink and some dinner. We headed to a new place, World of Beers, that we have been waiting to open for a while now. IMG_3665[1]

They aren’t kidding…over 500 beers to choose from!

Next was a walk to the Paramount Theater for the premier of the new Warren Miller film “No Turning Back”.IMG_3666[1]

It was awesome and totally got me amped up to get out into the snow asap!!IMG_3671[1]

Sunday we planned to head up to the mountains to snow board, but decided to sleep in a little bit and then work on our wedding invitations. They are all set to go now, just have to get some stamps!! So exciting!IMG_3677[1]

We also crock-potted a pumpkin turkey chili that turned out perfect on a cold snowy gray day 🙂IMG_3678[1]IMG_3679[1]

How was your weekend? 

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