Blue Apron #2…and a giveaway!!

We had so much fun with our last Blue Apron, we got another one. I have them scheduled about once a month just to mix things up a bit. And, if you would like to try it out, enter below to win a free delivery!

I totally failed on taking pictures of the first meal, but it was a delicious broccoli cheese casserole!IMG_3603[1]

Here’s the others we made πŸ™‚


Both times, the salmon meals have been our favorites – this was sooo good!IMG_3542[1]

This salad was actually super filling and the dressing was amazing!IMG_3604[1]IMG_3543[1]

We have another delivery coming next week, so stay tuned for some more deliciousness!


To enter: leave a comment below about what your go-to easy prep meal is!


4 responses to “Blue Apron #2…and a giveaway!!

  1. my easiest will always be brinner… i mean you can’t go wrong with eggs and bacon. ever.

  2. hahaha I agree with Alex’s comment. Too funny. I do want to try Blue Apron though!! I would be afraid I may have too many leftovers since I’m by myself. Can you get a smaller quantity of meals for one?

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