The rest of NYC weekend

So much happened during our marathon weekend that I had to do separate posts!

Here is what happened outside of the race! We arrived at 5am on Friday morning and headed into the city.We grabbed some breakfast and then met up with friends for lunch. We also stopped by Joe’s first apartment (it was on our walk- I lived in about 10 different apartments over 10 years, but none of them were on out walk 🙂 )IMG_3548[1]

Eventually we made our way over to the race expo to pickup our stuff.IMG_3558[1]

Then my mom and sister landed and we all met up at Joe’s parent’s house in New Jersey.  It was a good night of carb loading and lounging around.IMG_3591[1]IMG_3559[1]

Saturday morning we got up and headed into Brooklyn for my wedding shower!IMG_3565[1]

Awesome brunch, fun games and great times with friends and family 🙂

MOH & Bridesmaid!!

MOH & Bridesmaid!!

Eventually I left everyone in the city and headed back to NJ to get a good nights sleep and prep for the NYCM the next day! You can ready that recap HERE.

Monday after the race, Joe and I went to our local jewelers and found both of our wedding bands!!! They are so beautiful and I can’t wait to show you all in just a few months!

My mom and sister headed back to Michigan earlier in the day, so Joe and I did a lot of laying around and eating (refueling – haha) until it was time to catch our car to JFK.IMG_3595[1]

All in all – it was an incredible weekend spent with my favorite people and running one of the most epic races ever!

6 responses to “The rest of NYC weekend

  1. Sounds like a jam-packed weekend filled with family, good time & races. Glad everyone was able to come together for your wedding shower.

  2. So fun! When is the wedding exactly? I don’t remember if you told us the exact date.

  3. Yay!! I bet you are getting so pumped for your wedding!! What a great time you all had in NYC!

  4. That’s a perfect weekend! Family, wedding prep, and a marathon??

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