WIAW + Workouts #84

It has been waaaaay too long since I did a What I Ate Wednesday post, so here goes!Fall into Good Habits: WIAW

Thanks as always to Jenn for hosting! Let’s get it going!

Breakfast: pumpkin bagel w/ cream cheese + bananaIMG_3512[1]

Lunch: salad – pickles,hard boiled egg, tomatoes, corn, chia seeds, sundried tomatoes w/ TJ’s champagne viniagrette (best dressing ever!)IMG_3633[1]

Dinner: spaghetti squash w/ turkey meatballs and marinara sauceIMG_3511[1]

Snacks: plum, grapes, red pepper slices, pretzels (as usual, bad about taking pics of my snacks).IMG_3515[1]

Workouts: Tuesday was my first run post marathon!

  • sunday – rest
  • monday – spin
  • tuesday – 3 mile run + abs
  • wednesday – stairs + yoga
  • thursday – 3 mile run + abs
  • friday – swim + yoga
  • saturday – rock climbing (maybe…weather dependent)

What did you have for breakfast today?


6 responses to “WIAW + Workouts #84

  1. Nom nom nom…looks good and your meals always make me super hungry!! I’ve been craving pickles a lot lately for some reason!! haha!

  2. Yum – pumpkin bagel sounds amazing. I’ve had pumpkin cream cheese but that’s about it.
    I wonder if I should start a WIAW – it would show how much of a sweet tooth i have 🙂

  3. You make me miss meatballs with that picture. Is it totally frigid by you? I saw the news lol

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