TCS New York City Marathon Recap

We are back!! Sorry I am a little late on this post – last week was just crazy with work and wedding planning etc. Anyway, NYC was a whirlwind of a weekend, but oh so amazing!

Let’s get right to the race….last Sunday, Joe and I ran the New York City Marathon and it was the most amazing race I have ever finished!!IMG_3585[1]

We stayed at Joe’s parents house in New Jersey, so we were up around 5:30 to get ready and head to Staten Island for the start. We were in the first (of 4 waves) and our corral closed at 8:50. This was actually a pretty late start, so it wasn’t so bad.IMG_3579[1]

We got there around 8:15 and hopped in line for the bathroom, trying to keep warm and stretching out a bit.IMG_3580[1]

It was only about 40 degrees out and the wind was crazy – gusts got up to 45 miles per hour that day!

Joe and I got a little lost int he start village and had to sprint to make it to our corral before closing…we slipped in with 2 minutes to spare. After that it was just waiting around in the cold until the gun went off at 9:40.IMG_3581[1]

We were in the same wave as the professionals and it was so inspiring to think they (Kara!!) were standing just up ahead of us ready to run over the Verrazano Bridge!

The gun went off and before I knew if we were moving and this was actually happening!IMG_3582[1]

The first mile flew by and it was actually really funny to see everyone getting blown around by the crazy winds. It was kind of hard to control your body!

Before I knew it, the first couple miles were done and we were cruising through Brooklyn! Joe and I were holding about an 8:40 pace and fueling/hydrating great.

The Brooklyn miles were flying by and the crowds were amazing!! I had so much fun reading the signs and hearing all the cheers for Colorado!!

Pretty soon, we were at mile 11 where our friends were waiting…it was so awesome to see them along the course and definitely gave us a boost!

We kept pushing on over the Pulazski Bridge into Queens and Joe started having some calf pain, so we slowed our pace a bit.qbb2

Queens went by really quickly and after that we were climbing over the Queens Borough Bridge and heading into one of the most incredible stretches of the race…1st Avenue through Manhattan. The energy from the crowd was electric and literally gave me chills.

Our moms and my sister were waiting around mile 17, so we gave them quick hugs and kept chugging along. Things got a little tough physically and mentally around mile 20. Joe and I stayed strong and even though our pace really slowed for a couple miles, we never

After a mile in the Bronx, we were headed back into Manhattan and down 5th Avenue into Central Park. Our moms were somewhere on Central Park South, and they saw us, but we didn’t see them….in way to much pain at that point. haha.joe

When we rounded back into Central Park and I saw the “800m to go” sign, I almost cried. I was so happy, in so much pain, and so proud of us both….it was overwhelming.

As we came up to the finish line, Joe and I grabbed hands and finished together – the moment I had been thinking about for the last 3 years finally happened.finish

Official time: 4:09:57 …I was definitely hoping for under 4 hours, but I am totally happy with this considering the crazy winds and everything else.medals

It’s bittersweet that the race is over, but we will definitely be back to do it again. There is nothing like New York 🙂IMG_3583[1]


Have you run NYCM?

Do you get the post-race blues when it’s all over?

11 responses to “TCS New York City Marathon Recap

  1. This is totally awesome! I recognize your race outfit and may have seen you at mile 14! What a fun way to run NYC and I love that you guys did it together.

  2. I have been waiting for your recap! And may I just say, yours is the best one I have read yet. Like really. Congrats on a fabulous race. It was not an easy wind so I can only imagine yet your recap shows how happy you were to be there and how you guys ran through it together! I wanted to track you along with my cousin and friend but didn’t know your number or last name lol.

    • haha- no worries – I actually found out that nobody in the tri-state area got any tracking info for me anyway, but if you were in another state farther away it worked…weird. Thanks for the tweet on my post! It was such an incredible experience and I can’t wait to run it again someday!

  3. Just a great time especially for your first full marathon! Congratulations!! And you both rocked it together!

  4. Proud of both of you, and Bev and I tracked you while returning/ driving from your brother’s Tri in Panama City. You are both awesome! Dad

  5. amazing!!! I love that you guys held hands, so cute! I can’t believe how awesome you guys did, and to think a year ago you were injured and didn’t get to run. So happy for ya!

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