Tapering in Breck

Joe and I spent the weekend in Breckenridge with our friends Nick, Maggie and baby G. We’ve had this planned for a while and it conveniently fell one week out from the marathon, which is fine because we didn’t run AT ALL. haha.IMG_3541[1]

It was an amazingly perfect fall weekend in the mountains and I totally planned on and packed for getting out to do a 6-8 mile run…but it just didn’t happen with our schedule and I am actually okay with that. If I’m not ready by now, I’m not going to be anyway!

It was Still on the Hill (a craft spirits festival), so we sampled a lot of whiskey etc. and ate a ton of great food. IMG_3527[1]IMG_3528[1]

green chili turkey burger

green chili turkey burger

We did a little shopping and Joe and I toured a condo we are considering buying right on the ski resort (we shall see!).

And, we finally got to go to a crepe stand that usually has about a 2-3 hour wait. We waited an hour, but they were sooooo good! IMG_3535[1]IMG_3536[1]

Joes (left) Nutella and berries. Mine (right) German apple Struedel

Joes (left) Nutella and berries. Mine (right) German apple Struedel


It was an awesome weekend and so good to hang out with friends we don’t get to see often.

4 days of work this week and then we are off to NYC…..AHHHH!  Can’t believe it’s almost here!!

How was your weekend? 


8 responses to “Tapering in Breck

  1. What an absolute gorgeoussss condo! Can I come stay with you please? I’ll even be okay waiting in line for 1hr+ for those delicious crepes 🙂

  2. I am so excited for you for this weekend! The coverage is already beginning here so I was thinking about you this morning!

  3. I LOVE Breckenridge! It was definitely one of my favorite parts of Colorado this past Summer when I visited. P.S. That condo looks GORGEOUS!

  4. Sheesh Colorado is super gorgeous! I really need to come visit…how’s running there? Maybe I should sign up for one there!!

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