Denver Sports Recovery

I have been promising to post about this for a while…Joe and I have found the most amazing place and it is just a couple blocks away from our apartment.Denver Sports Recovery

It’s called Denver Sports Recovery and it’s basically a one stop shop for everything you need when training. They have every possible recover tool as well as every professional you could imagine to help you.Recovery Center Modalities

We have been going after our long runs and once or twice during the week for the last two weeks and it has made such a huge difference in my recovery time and injury prevention.

Our usual routine when we go after a long run is as follows:

1. straight into the ice tub (sometimes we switch back and forth between the hot and ice, always ending with the ice).

Ice tub!

Ice tub!


2. A little re-warming in the sauna.IMG_3449[1]

3. Then some foam rolling etc. IMG_3415[1]

4. And some time on my favorite machine ever – the Swisswing…it’s a giant vibrating roller that you can move to roll out any body part (it’s been heaven for my IT bands). I think I need one in my apartment. IMG_3450[1]IMG_3451[1]IMG_3414[1]

5. Then, we get hooked up on the stim machines for about 15 minutes.IMG_3452[1]

6. And, then we finish in the Normatech boots…they are like giant blood pressure cuffs….best compression ever 🙂IMG_3426[1]IMG_3428[1]

We are also going to make an appointment with someone who will stretch us out about a week and a half before the race….speaking of which, look what I found in my Women’s Health magazine as I was flipping through…ahhhhhh!!! It’s so close!!IMG_3487[1]

Do you have a sports recovery place like this near you?


4 responses to “Denver Sports Recovery

  1. This place looks like a resort! I want to go!!

  2. I need a place like this! What a great concept

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