Blue Apron

Thanks to Janae, Joe and I have been eating some pretty tasty meals. Did you read her post on Blue Apron?

It’s a new food delivery service that makes me feel like quite the chef đŸ™‚ Ingredients (all pre-measured out) and recipes come in a big insulated box.IMG_3401[1]IMG_3402[1]

You can set your dietary preferences on the website and how often you would like a delivery. The prices are pretty reasonable, but I am going to do it about once a month just to try new things and force myself to cook! I tend to get into a dinner rut where I am making the same things over and over.IMG_3403[1]

The first meal we made was a furikake topped salmon over black noodles.IMG_3405[1]IMG_3406[1]


The next was a blackened chicken with corn and tomato salsa.IMG_3432[1]

And the third was a summer ciambotta (vegetarian!)IMG_3441[1]IMG_3439[1]

Since we were making this the night before a long run, we decided to add some extra protein so made some grilled chicken to go on top.IMG_3442[1]IMG_3440[1]IMG_3443[1]

We LOVED all three meals, but the salmon was by far my favorite. Can’t wait til our delivery next month!

Have you tried Blue Apron or anything similar?

4 responses to “Blue Apron

  1. I’ve heard great things about Blue Apron, but have yet to give it a try!

  2. Wow, looks marvelous! I bet I’d get good use out of this!

  3. I’ve heard great things but keep forgetting to go check out their page. I wonder if they have Paleo friendly options…

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