long run

Since last weekend was such a trail fail, we put a bit more thought into where we were going to run this weekend.

There was recently an ultra near us in Bear Creek Lake Park with a really nice looking course.IMG_3445[1]

We headed over on Sunday morning around 10am to get started. The weather was beautiful, 60 and sunny and the trail looked awesome.IMG_3447[1]

There were some pretty big climbs and descents, but overall there was  alot of flats too, which was awesome.

Unfortunately Joe started having some pains around mile 14 and after struggling through a couple more miles, we called a quits a little shy of our 18 miles.

We went straight to our new favorite place (a sports recovery center) which I will talk all about in a later post.

Then had a late lunch and did a little shopping at another favorite place 🙂IMG_3455[1]

And…a little more re-carbing 🙂IMG_3456[1]

2 responses to “long run

  1. Yes that recovery looked lovely on IG!! Trail looks beautiful too!

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