Sunday dinner

Every now and then, Joe gets inspired and decides to cook us an amazing Italian meal. This Sunday’s dinner was pretty awesome.

We started with an appetizer of french bread topped with mozzerella, tomato, and basil then drizzled with a TJ’s balsamic glaze.IMG_3418[1]

Then Joe made his family recipe marinara sauce which simmered for hours on the stove and made our apartment smell phenomenal.IMG_3420[1]

And, he made giant turkey meatballs to go with the pasta.IMG_3419[1]

Everything was so good and I love that we have tons of leftovers!IMG_3422[1]Did your family do a big Sunday meal growing up?


5 responses to “Sunday dinner

  1. Wow! I can imagine how amazing that meal was!! Men who cook are the best!!

  2. OMG I love to smell a homemade marinara sauce cooking! Not that I make one but you can usually smell it around my neighborhood when someone else is cooking it!

  3. Those appetizers look amazing. Balsamic glaze is so tasty!

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