Gold Hill Inn

Our wedding photographer clued us in on a really hidden gem up in the mountains near Boulder.

The Gold Hill Inn

Gold Hill Inn is actually an old mining town, which is actually now a National Historic Town. It has a few residents and a 2 room schoolhouse!

We headed up for dinner on Friday night and were overcome with excitement! First of all…you drive above the clouds just to get there. IMG_3334[1]IMG_3333[1]

Gold Hill Inn is basically a big log cabin that is so cozy and open from May through December.

You have the option of doing the 3 or 6 course meal. We went with the 6, of course! I didn’t want to miss out on anything!

We started with amazing warm homemade bread and strawberry jam. Then had an appetizer of some kind of delicious salmon lettuce wrap thing. (sorry – forgot to take a pic!)

Celery coup and salad came next.IMG_3340[1]

Joe and I both got the stuffed smoked rainbow trout as an entree…sooooo good!IMG_3341[1]

For dessert, I had the blueberry cheesecake and Joe tried the peach pie.IMG_3342[1]

Finally we finished with cheese and fruit. We were definitely stuffed by the end, but everything was delicious.IMG_3343[1]

We weren’t quite ready to leave after dinner so we got a sambuca nightcap and sat by the fire for a bit.

IMG_3344[1]If you live in the Denver/Boulder area, I definitely recommend a trip to Gold Hill Inn – it’s such a unique experience!

4 responses to “Gold Hill Inn

  1. What a beautiful little getaway!! Looks perfect for you two!

  2. I love it!! And that blueberry cheesecake sounds soo good. The pictures are gorgeous!

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