Joe’s b-day weekend!

I have been meaning to update you guys on training and all of the fun stuff we’ve been doing, but I have been crazy busy!

This weekend, we celebrated Joe’s birthday by going back to the Ruby Jewel yurt. If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that this is the yurt I took Joe to last year on his birthday and where he proposed in March!IMG_3279[1]

This time it was a short trip, but also our first time there without 10 feet of snow! IMG_3313[1]

We got there late on Friday night, built a fire and went right to sleep.Saturday morning we were up early to a beautiful blue sky day!IMG_3282[1]

We packed up our vests and headed out for the long run. I may have mentioned before, but Joe and I trying to do all of our long runs for NYC Marathon on trails…..not sure if that’s a good idea or not, but I am determined to do everything I can not to get injured.IMG_3281[1]

We did 14 miles out and back, complete with several creek crossings. The weather was amazing and the hills were brutal, but we got it done!IMG_3284[1]IMG_3316[1]IMG_3315[1]

After the run, we made an epic brunch of pancakes, eggs, and turkey bacon.IMG_3324[1]

The rest of the day was spent hanging in the hammock, grilling trout.IMG_3290[1]IMG_3292[1]IMG_3291[1]

Sunday morning we cleaned out the yurt, packed the jeep and went on a four mile hike up to a beautiful lake! We’ve tried to get to this lake in the winter, but avalanche danger always made us turn around…this time, we got there!!IMG_3287[1]IMG_3301[1]IMG_3304[1]IMG_3300[1]IMG_3310[1]

It was such a good weekend, but way too short!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!!!!IMG_3288[1]



4 responses to “Joe’s b-day weekend!

  1. Stop it, you guys are freaking adorable. Hey, if the trails work for you then why not! Although you have to watch out for sticks the ground is definitely much more forgiving.

  2. Happy birthday to Joe! What awesome pictures you’ve got. Looks like a blast!

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