Monthly Archives: September 2014

long run fail

Saturday Joe and I got back on the rocks, it had been quite a few weeks, so we were a little rusty, but anxious to lead a new (harder!) route. IMG_3409[1]

We also got a new tool called the Squid that allows us to place the first 2 quickdraws in the bolts from the ground. This reduces the chance of a ground fall at the start of the climb.IMG_3408[1]

It was a little tricky to use, but we figured it out! After climbing we headed to a new brewery. Strange Brewing company. The beer was great and we got some delicious tapas from the food truck. IMG_3412[1]

Mushroom flatbread and crispy artichokes with dijionaisse dipping sauce.

Also, this dog was cracking me up – super cute! IMG_3417[1]

Sunday we were up for the long run…we had 18 miles on the plan and decided to do it in Clear Creek Canyon. It was a beautiful, but warm day….unfortunately, we picked a dud of a trail. When we looked it up, we thought it was about 10 miles one way right next to a river. But, that ended up being completely wrong. We zig zagged around on a tough mountain trail for a while, but decided after 8 miles (and about 2 hours) enough was enough and we were just going to bag it for the week 😦IMG_3424[1]

Ah well, these things happen and we will plan better and come back strong next week!

How was your weekend??