A summit, a run & white water tubing!

Joe and I had a super busy weekend, starting with a double date on Friday.  Mini fish tacos and mango chicken for the win!


We met for an early dinner and then a comedy show…have you heard of Jay Mohr? He’s been in a bunch of movies….so funny! Jay Mohr: Comedian, actor, radio host and best selling author, Jay Mohr has been performing stand-up comedy for over three decades.

We slept a little later than planned on Saturday, so we changed our plans at the last minute.  We had a full day of climbing planned, but decided instead to hike a 14er! We did Mt. Evans and the views were incredible! IMG_3056[1]IMG_3057[1]


After the hike we stopped in a little mountain shop and got the worlds largest PB cup 🙂IMG_3068[1]

Sunday morning we were up to beat the heat and get in our long run. 8 miles use to sound like nothing, but after 4 months off, it’s a bit of a daunting number.

We are trying to do all of our long runs on trail and at higher altitude, so we headed to Waterton Canyon trail. It runs along a river which makes for really nice scenery. It’s a small incline the whole way, which definitely worked the legs.IMG_3072[1]

We definitely took it very slow and I struggled a bit, but we got it done! Week 2 of marathon training in the books!IMG_3073[1]

After running, we grabbed breakfast and then decided we needed to get into some water somewhere.  IMG_3075[1]

We headed to Golden, bought some tubes and basically white water tubed down the river. No pics, because I didn’t want to get my phone wet, but looked a little like this.

SO MUCH FUN! The water was freezing, but felt great on a hot day and totally counted as our ice bath 🙂

How was your weekend? Any long runs?

4 responses to “A summit, a run & white water tubing!

  1. jessielovestorun

    Mmmmm a big pb cups. As much as I love Reese’s, I do love the homemade ones you get at farmer markets or little coffee shops a bit more. I mean for starts most are filled w/ more pb 🙂

  2. Tubing looks so fun! And mmm fish tacos! Nice job on the hike!

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