Civic Center EATS

Tuesday afternoon I met my co-teacher downtown at Civic Center Park for lunch. It’s less than a 2 mile bike ride from my apartment, so I was there in just 10 minutes 🙂

The coolest thing happens here every Tuesday and Thursday for the summer – TONS of food trucks line up along the park and a live band plays for a couple hours at lunchtime. IMG_2836[1]

From their website:

An incredible venue in which to experience Denver’s robust gourmet food truck scene, a portion of the proceeds benefit the Civic Center Conservancy, the nonprofit dedicated to restoring, enhancing and activating downtown Denver’s historic Civic Center Park. Civic Center EATS provides an opportunity for downtown employees, residents, and visitors to experience the beauty of Civic Center, enjoy a delicious outdoor lunch, listen to live music and connect with the community. Shaded tables and an on-site ATM are provided.IMG_2835[1]

It was so hard to choose – I wanted to try everything, but I ended up going with shrimp tacos from an Asian- fusion truck…they were AMAZING!IMG_2838[1]

I am hoping to bike down there a couple more times before I have to go back to work and lose my leisurely lunch days.IMG_2837[1]

If you are in the Denver area, I highly recommend you check it out if you can!

Does your town do a food truck day/place? Do you have any food trucks you LOVE?


2 responses to “Civic Center EATS

  1. I so wish we would have gone there when we were in Denver! It sounds like a fun and delicious experience!

  2. Love food trucks! They had a few of them at the Taste of Dallas. They have a park out here downtown that does yoga on Sundays and then all of the food trucks open afterwards! It’s pretty cool! Oh and food truck tacos are always sooo GOOD!!!

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