Climbing the Ironclads

Joe and I had such an amazing time over the 4th of July, we headed back to the same campsite and rock wall this weekend. IMG_2825[1]

We set up camp as soon as we could get there and made a quick fire and dinner – these dehydrated meals are really good when we are backpacking, but also amazing when we are short on daylight and HUNGRY!IMG_2789[1]IMG_2790[1]

We got up bright and early the next morning and set to work with coffee and breakfast. Greek yogurt with blueberries and homemade chia granola.IMG_2791[1]

We had a goal to get to the rocks before anyone else and luckily we did. We were pretty much alone all weekend, which was awesome.IMG_2792[1]IMG_2820[1]DSCN0848[1]

Joe and I both lead this route a bunch of times. It’s pretty mellow, but has some really tough spots, so continues to be a challenge.

Saturday afternoon, we had a little bit of a rain problem, so popped into these “very local” bar for a beer while the storm passed.  IMG_2819[1]IMG_2822[1]

Eventually cleared up, so we headed to camp, made some snacks and played on the slackline…I’m getting a little better 😉IMG_2813[1]IMG_2796[1]IMG_2811[1]
Dinner was naan pizza cooked over the fire.  One buffalo chicken with broccoli and blue cheese. One zucchini & mushroom…both delicious!!


We were up early again on Sunday with bagels for breakfast and heading back to the rocks. IMG_2818[1]IMG_2793[1]DSCN0847[1]

Thunderstorms moved in after a couple hours, so we didn’t climb long before heading back to pack up our campsite.

On the way back to Denver, we stopped for a late lunch in Nederland at The Blue Mountain Smokehouse and Brewery. I had a pulled chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries. SO GOOD.IMG_2829[1]

How was your weekend?  Anyone else go camping??


6 responses to “Climbing the Ironclads

  1. I always love your climbing adventures! And I wish I could slack line… Your naan pizza looks so yum 🙂 what recipe do you use for your granola?? I’ve been looking for a good one

  2. I love all of this! You guys are so cute! You guys should take a video one day of you climbing a mountain 🙂

    • We’ve tried to set up the video camera a couple times, but we only get the first 10 feet up or so. Can’t really hold a camera since one of us has to belay while the other climbs, but I think we have plans to climb with another couple soon, so will hopefully get a video then!

  3. It’s official you two need to meet up w/ my brother & his girlfriend once they meet out. Y’all can become friends & when I visit we can all hang out. Hows my plan sound? Good? Awesome! Haha

    • Sounds like a plan to me! haha
      I wrote your bro back a while ago, but haven’t heard anything else- let him know he can get a hold of me if he has any questions!

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