Happy Independence USA!….and a big snake

Tomorrow is the 4th of July!! Woohoo!! What are your plans for the long weekend?

Joe and I are heading into Rocky Mountain National Park to camp and do some serious climbs 🙂

I did a big shop at TJ’s to stock us up for the weekend…I could (read: do) live in this store. haha.IMG_2709[1]

So…I’m not quite running yet…I do walks a couple days a week and run for about 30 seconds of that – haha. But I am really easing in. Training for NYC starts in about 3 weeks and I want to feel 100%, so I’m not rushing anything.

Anyway…I have been doing a TON of biking the last few weeks and I am lucky enough to live right on a bike path that goes for about 100 miles, so I am able to get in plenty of miles.

HOWEVER!!!! I almost had a heart attack when this guy was blocking my ride!!!!!!IMG_2699[1]

OMG!!!! I am still freaked out…I am good with bears, mountain lions…etc, but snakes are not my fave.

In other news…Joe and I had this delicious dinner last night. Mesquite salmon, quinoa-rice blend and baby bok choy!IMG_2695[1]

We have some good camping meals planned for the weekend, but we don’t actually have a site reserved…hoping for a first come first serve walk up site…fingers crossed – 4th of July weekend is always a zoo!

What are your plans for the holiday weekend?

8 responses to “Happy Independence USA!….and a big snake

  1. That bok choy looks so good! I will have to add that to my grocery list. Wow that snake is ginormous! I would have passed out. Glad you are safe!

  2. Camping with Joe for the weekend sounds fun 🙂 I’m stay-cationing in the valley, then heading out to do some camping for the week then crewing at Silver Rush next weekend. I always jump and scream when I see snakes, although that guy is much bigger than the garter snakes I’ve seen!! Crazy!

    • yep – he freaked me out. haha.
      You’re plans sound great! We are still registered to run silver rush next weekend…obviously I missed almost all training because of this injury, so not going to, but we may still end up going to get shirts and run the first couple miles 🙂
      Maybe I will see you there!

      • You’ll have to let me know! I love the feeling in Leadville – the atmosphere of that town just makes you inspired to run. I know being injured is tough, but I always feel being a part of a race whether you’re in it or not is good motivation to be psyched on life so its always worth it to go!

  3. HOLY CRAP I would have DIED when I saw that snake!!

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