Monthly Archives: July 2014


If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I have had a rough year in the running department.

I can’t seem to get away from the injuries and it’s been incredibly frustrating to have to drop out of some of the biggest/most important races.

After running Leadville last year, I was in great shape! But mid-way through training for NYC, I ended up with SI joint disfunction on the right side. I was forced to defer NYC to this year and took the time I needed to heal.

I was able to start running again last winter and trained/ran the NYC half in March….but during that race things went downhill and although I PR’d, I wasn’t able to walk for a couple days….SI joint disfunction on the left side this time. 

I did about 10 weeks of physical therapy and got a cortisone shot in the joint. It’s been a long slow process and I am VERY nervous to amp up mileage, but once again the time has come to start training for NYC.

I’ve only been training for two weeks, but it’s going okay so far. I am trying to increase mileage very slowly and my pace is pretty much turtle-like, but I don’t even care; I am just happy to be back out there. I am trying to be VERY diligent about rolling, stretching, and cross training too…wish me luck!

Have you had any frustrating/recurring injuries?