Monthly Archives: June 2014

Denver->Philly ->Jersey->Michigan->Denver

Last week was a whirlwind…I haven’t even had time to post! We headed to Philly on Friday morning for my cousins wedding…cheers to the happy couple! IMG_2597[1]IMG_2608[1]IMG_2593[1]

Then we zipped over to my future in-laws for a fathers day/engagement celebration.  A couple of our friends came in from NYC – it was so good to lounge by the pool and catch up with everyone.

After that, my mom and I drove back to Michigan and Joe flew back to Denver (some people have to work in the summer I guess…haha).

I was only staying in MI for 3 days and luckily my nephew decided to make an appearance early while I was there!!! Say hello to Cole Matthew!IMG_2620[1]

The coolest part was that my little sister (the doctor) got to be the one to deliver him!!IMG_2637[1]

The rest of my time in MI was spent trying on wedding dresses! I tried on about 20 and I totally found the one!!! Sorry- no pictures there 😉

I made it back to Denver on Thursday night and then spent Friday and Saturday in class 😦 bleh…but yesterday Joe and I got out to climb one of our favorite cracks!IMG_2662[1]

When the rain moved in, we grabbed some lunch and then met up with friends at a brewery.IMG_2663[1]IMG_2664[1]

Back in the swing of a normal week now. I’m getting back on the bike this week…my PT cleared me to start doing a run/walk alternating every minute, but I am going to wait a little longer. I am obviously not running the ultra I signed up for next month, but I still have a few more weeks before I need to start training for NYC 🙂

How was your weekend?