Birthday weekend at Garden of the Gods

Saturday was my birthday and even though I had to spend Friday night and most of Saturday in a classroom, it was still a great weekend full of surprises.

When I came home Friday night, Joe had a spread of my favorite snack (pickles and cheese), some IPA’s and a cookie with a candle 🙂IMG_2525[1]

Saturday was mostly spent at class, but when I got home, Joe had the car all packed, so we hopped in and headed south to Colorado Springs. We were planning to camp in the Garden of the Gods area and hopefully climb on Sunday.IMG_2539[1]

We got to our campsite later than expected, but quickly set up the tent and got the fire roaring.

Another surprise…appetizer of lobster tail cooked over the open flames 🙂 YUM!IMG_2541[1]IMG_2531[1]

Dinner was chicken teriyaki over brown rice with veggies…delish!!IMG_2533[1]IMG_2534[1]IMG_2535[1]

And, obviously we made b-day s’mores for dessert.IMG_2538[1]

Sunday we were up bright and early to pack up the climbing gear and head to Garden of the Gods. DSCN0797[1]

Unfortunately, as we headed there, the weather got worse by the minute. We decided it wouldn’t be safe for us to climb, but decided to walk around and look at the sights instead…really beautiful!IMG_2543[1]IMG_2551[1]IMG_2545[1]IMG_2549[1]IMG_2544[1]IMG_2547[1]

When the rain started, we popped into a brewery to grab some lunch. IMG_2554[1]IMG_2553[1]

It was still raining after lunch, so we just headed back to Denver and stopped in at our favorite spot across the street for a couple pints and some hands of rummy.IMG_2555[1]

All in all, a great birthday weekend! 33 is looking pretty good so far!

6 responses to “Birthday weekend at Garden of the Gods

  1. Looks like a super fun time!! You guys are the cutest most adventurous couple 🙂 I love the birthday smores too!

  2. Happy birthday! Sorry the weather didn’t hold out but that looks like a pretty awesome birthday weekend 🙂 love that you did campfire lobster. That was always my birthday meal of choice when I was back east but I have been hesitant about it since CO is so far from the ocean

  3. You guys really know how to eat while camping! Glad you had a great birthday:)

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