Friday randoms

Hello and Happy Friday! My first week of vacation is almost over…ahhh! Down to just 7 more weeks…it is going too fast already. haha.

Some random things for you on this Friday.

1. Had my follow up appointment with my orthopedist this week and things are looking a lot better in the injury department.IMG_2500[1]

My PT is pretty happy with the progress too…I get to add in 5 minutes of running in place this week and next week I am taking my shoes and attempting a little treadmill “jog”…ohhhh boy!!!!!!! the last 3 months have not been fun, so I am really hoping the progression continues.

2. I made a new and delicious meal – bbq portobello quesadillas with a summery avocado/tomato/corn salad.IMG_2516[1]

3. There was an incredible rainbow over downtown Denver on Wednesday night. I almost jumped in the jeep to race over and look for a pot of gold! That could really come in handy with wedding costs 😉IMG_2518[1]

4. I’ve been getting in a bit of pool time this week which has been awesome! And, I am not completely pasty white anymore. hahaIMG_2521[1]

5. Tomorrow is my b-day!!! Love the card I got from my dad – you may or may not know lobster (eaten at my lake house in Maine of course) is my favorite food in the world!IMG_2520[1]


What are some of your Friday randoms?

6 responses to “Friday randoms

  1. So glad to hear the recovery is going well! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend!!

  2. Happy Early Birthday!! 🙂

  3. First happy birthday darling! Second, I am so happy your injury is mending well 😀 third, did you get my brothers email?

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