I haven’t been posting much lately, but I tend to fade off a bit when I’m injured 😦

Thought I would stop by with some quick updates…

1.  The old injured SI joint. I am actually off work today because I am getting a steroid injection. Was suppose to happen Wednesday, but had to reschedule….Wish me luck! I am a little nervous about it :/IMG_2284[1]

2.  Wedding planning moving along – we finally picked a venue! Not going to reveal it right now, but it is deep in the Rocky Mountains! I will let you all in on the date though….MARCH 21, 2015!!!   

3.  Just one more week of school with the kids and one more week without them until I am on summer break!! woohoo!! Yesterday was our fiesta…that was on unhappy pinata after it was over 🙂IMG_2339[1]


4. Lots of good food being eaten lately!

salmon burger with homemade slaw

salmon burger with homemade slaw

chicken, quinoa and asparagus for lunch!

chicken, quinoa and asparagus for lunch!

fish tacos!

fish tacos!

cheese plate

cheese plate

What do you have planned for this weekend? 


10 responses to “updates

  1. I want that cheese plate! Yum!

    Best of luck on your injection and sending continued good vibes your way!!

    So excited summer break is almost around the corner for you too! And best of luck on the wedding planning. Sounds like it will be beautiful!

  2. Glad to hear the injection went well. I figured you avoid blogging while injured – makes sense! I really hope you feel better soon. At least school is almost out! I don’t know if you caught my post about organizing your seating charts for weddings/events, if you missed it, go back to find it on my blog or google AllSeated. Best website, I wish I had it back when I was getting married. Totally organizes all of your guests, loads your seating chart and lets you make all of the changes/arrangements online.

  3. I’m glad your injection went well! Sorry about your injury. That can be so frustrating.

    You have a great blog and I just nominated you for a Liebster Award. You should totally check it out here. Hope we can be friends 🙂


  4. Looks a little like Lake Louise (but then again all mountain photos look like the same place to me…) We got married at the Chateau in lake Louise and it was beautiful!

  5. Hope the injection went well! And YAY you picked a wedding date! That’s one of the most exciting/real parts 🙂

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