Monthly Archives: May 2014

Mountain Film

This weekend was incredible. Joe and I had a trip back to our wedding venue to take care of some details, but on the way, we did a little camping and hanging out in Telluride (aka my favorite place in CO).DSCN0759

We left on Friday night and headed to Glenwood Springs to set up the tent for the night. It was raining when we got there, but the sun had come back out by morning.IMG_2430

Saturday morning, we packed back up and drove to Telluride.  It was starting to look a little gloomy and rain was suppose to move in, so we found a campsite and set up our tent as quick as possible. Then we headed into town!DSCN0723

The Mountain Film Festival was taking place this weekend and we scored tickets to a couple films (thanks teacher discount!).IMG_2440

After Dean Potter’s film “When Dogs Fly” we went back to a bar in town for a Q & A with him and his dog Whisper 🙂 …I even got a picture!IMG_2445

When we set up the tent earlier in the day…it looked like this…IMG_2432

Apparently the weather turned a bit cooler and precipitous overnight because we woke up Sunday morning to a winter wonderland!DSCN0725DSCN0735

We decided to start the morning with a hike to Bridal Veil Falls.  It was beautiful and the weather was perfect!DSCN0740DSCN0744DSCN0758IMG_2459

Joe and I took in another film after that and then had a picnic by the river. More rain was in the forecast and we had actually booked a hotel for the Sunday night, so we checked in, showered and headed out on the town. Lot’s of good food and drinks and bump in’s with some climbing idols 🙂IMG_2465

Monday we checked out and trekked out to our wedding venue and hung out for a couple hours before starting the LONG 8 hour drive back home.DSCN0789

I also partook in this sandwich…it was a turkey avocado wrap, but the wrap was made from pizza dough! Delicious and pretty unique!IMG_2436

It was an incredible weekend and I am exhausted…BUT – only 3 more days of work until I am off for the summer!! Woot woot!