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Vail closing day

I can’t believe ski season is coming to an end! I’m a little bummed about it, but spring and summer have so much fun stuff to offer in Colorado!

Before we got to Sunday’s fun, Joe and I spent Saturday in Waterton Canyon. We both had 14 miles to do, but since I can’t run right now, I did my miles on my bike.IMG_2185[1]IMG_2182[1]IMG_2183[1]

Ran into some new friends along the trail too! IMG_2187[1]

That night we went to the Chop House for an amazing dinner date.IMG_2190[1]IMG_2191[1]IMG_2192[1]IMG_2193[1]


We had some after dinner drinks at Colt & Grey across from our apartment.  They do themes with their cocktails and this menu was all quotes from Anchorman!IMG_2195[1]

Sunday was closing day at Vail and Joe and I drove out to enjoy the festivities.  It was raining when we got there, but that ended pretty quickly and the sun came out. It ended up being a beautiful sunny and 65 degree day on the mountain.IMG_2199[1]IMG_2198[1]

We only took about 3 runs and then stopped for a bloody mary and a snack.  My hip is still injured (more on that soon), so I couldn’t do too much.IMG_2208[1]IMG_2206[1]IMG_2210[1]

Eventually we made our way over to the big pool for the World Pond Skimming Championships. It was packed with people in awesome costumes and was definitely entertaining!

What did you do last weekend?