Yurt trip recap

I am more than just a little busy at the moment, so blogging is going to take somewhat of a backseat for a bit. I will try to get at least one post a week up though…otherwise- I miss you guys!

I figured it was about time that I did a full recap of our trip back to our favorite Yurt in the Never Summer mountain range. You may (or may not) remember that we took a trip there last October to celebrate Joes birthday. We immediately booked this trip and couldn’t wait to go back!2014-03-23 10.15.28

We packed the jeep to the brim and hit the road on Sunday morning. It was about a 3 hour drive and that only got us to the main road. Then we had to load ourselves up and snowshoe/skin about 2 miles to get back to the yurt. My hip injury from my race wasn’t too happy about it, but we took it slow and Joe pulled most of our stuff.  2014-03-26 11.05.25 2014-03-26 11.04.31 2014-03-26 11.19.13

We got to the yurt in mid afternoon and took a nap. Then it was time to unpack and settle in. The night consisted of a couple cocktails, some cards and planning for the next days adventures. 2014-03-23 15.47.032014-03-23 18.03.39

We cooked an awesome pre-made dinner of chicken, sweet potatoes and asparagus in foil packets on top of the wood stove…delicious!2014-03-23 19.15.08

The next morning we got up and went through our usual yurt routine. Joe chopped wood for the stove while I made coffee and breakfast. That’s the morning he called me out and I found him out by a woodpile on one knee with a ring….guess my life changed a bit that morning 🙂 YAY!!2014-03-24 11.28.382014-03-24 11.29.16

We spent the day skinning up the mountain and riding down (obviously with a huge smile on my face).2014-03-24 14.37.412014-03-24 13.34.442014-03-24 13.36.11

Beers on the deck afterwards and another delicious dinner of jambalaya for dinner.2014-03-24 14.33.15

The next couple of days were more of the same, and I was definitely not ready to go when it was time. It was another amazing trip and we really can’t wait to go back again…maybe this summer 😉2014-03-24 12.58.052014-03-26 09.33.15

4 responses to “Yurt trip recap

  1. Looks lovely! All that snow…makes me want to put on a coat!! haha glad you had a good time!!

  2. those views are gorgeous! I love your pink jacket and that ring on your finger!!!

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